Helping our community respond to the challenges of our times with focus, compassion, and resilience.

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What We Deliver

Becoming Jackson Whole develops and empowers leaders in civic and community service, education, health, and business with the mindfulness-based skills, tools and resources necessary to address personal, professional, and societal issues.

We work closely with local leaders as well as free-standing programs and entities to integrate mindfulness and social emotional learning into the core institutions of Jackson Hole. Led by former Mayor Sara Flitner in partnership with the Foundation for a Mindful Society, we are committed to developing replicable programs with national and global experts based on the latest research and findings around mindfulness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. 


“I believe we are at the forefront of innovation in leadership, and I can’t wait to leverage our resources and collaboration skills to build a ‘first of kind’ community leadership and well-being model.”



The Opportunity

Everywhere we look, Jackson Hole included, good people with good intentions struggle to solve problems. We are overwhelmed by everyday stressors, and without adequate coping skills this negative energy and approach can lead to a lack of civility in our daily interactions which has a toxic effect on our workplaces, institutions, schools, and families. Research shows that the outcomes of this cycle across a community are demonstrated by a myriad of symptoms – from poor staff morale and employee absenteeism to teen substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

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Who We Are

Meet the team of community members and leaders whose work is guided by collaboration, inclusivity, and evidence-based interventions with measurable results. 

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